What’s the URL to the API?

Depending on the software you’re using it is either:




(without the trailing slash).

For Spotweb use:


Is NZBFinder Legal?


Be aware that we are only a search engine, and no actual files are distributed through or are stored on our systems. We offer NZB files ONLY. NZB is an XML-based file format for retrieving posts from usenet (NNTP) servers. We do not offer torrents, access to usenet, fullfillment of requests, or direct access to any of the content listed on the site.


Why do you charge tax for European countries?

Because we are a legitimate business we are subject to VAT in the EU. By doing everything by the book the authorities have little reason to shut down a search engine. Tax rates vary per country if you’re in the EU due to the new 2015 VAT rules.

Can I upload or request content?

No, This site is 100% automated and only indexes a fraction of usenet – we are not responsible for posting to usenet. We do not allow users uploading NZBs. We index over 140 groups, if you would like a specific group indexes then please send us an email.

I’m concerned about my privacy!

NZB Finder is extremely secure, and we will never and have never, shared any information about our users. Credit Card details are never touched by our servers and go straight to our payment providers. Therefore you won’t have to worry about credit card fraud.

We’re based in the EU so a court order is needed to obtain any information from us. There won’t be much to obtain as we do not keep any logs.


How do the API limits work?

Free accounts have more limits than paid accounts. Please take a look at https://nzbfinder.ws for more info on the limits. API limits are reset 24 hours after each request.

What is Spotweb and how do I use it?

Spotweb is a webbased version of Spotnet, the successor of FTD. We changed this around a bit so it can be used in software like Couchpotato and Sickbeard with an API similar to NZB Finder. The advantage of Spotnet is that all content is posted by users of Spotnet. So a lot of the garbage is already filtered out which in return allows for a greater quality of the “Spots”.

How do I access Usenet?

Many ISP’s offer usenet access to their members. Alternatively there are several free usenet providers that can be used. Generally the best way to access usenet is through a premium service. Please check this page for Usenet provider recommendations.