Many of our users want to stay fully anonymous when using the internet and/or downloading files. We’ve selected two tried and tested VPN providers who offer full anonimity and Creditcard, Paypal but also Bitcoin payments. Both providers do not keep any logs, therefore we recommend either Private Internet Access or IP Vanish.

They are both good options. IP Vanish has a little nicer UI and more locations but Private Internet Access offers a little more security.

IP Vanish

You should choose IPVanish if:

  • Speed is your top priority
  • Your internet connection is 40Mbps+
  • You want a nice UI and iOS or Android apps
  • You need access to VPN servers in many different countries
  • You want to watch Hulu or Netflix from Asia, Africa, South America, or Eastern Europe

Private Internet Access.

You should choose Private Internet Access if:

  • You need maximum security/anonymity
  • Price is very important to you
  • A few server locations are enough as long as they’re in the right places (USA, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Hong Kong)


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